Madden Mobile and Madden NFL

In this quest for realism, the American studio also put the cursor on the quality of the displacements and the precision of the receptions, which translates to behaviors much more natural on the ground. Gone are the days when we spent a lot of time to position our defenders, the latter now perfectly surround their space thanks to seven new zones of coverage (ten in total) to counter the enemy attacks. Even the once wobbly foot play has been corrected with the aid of a gauge (inherited from the PGA Tour) which is more intuitive and far more fastidious.

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A tactical change that makes fly?
Aware of the technicality of US football, Electronic Arts has thought of a slight overhaul of its gameplay in order to revitalize its title and make it more accessible to newcomers and the European public. Thus, in this concern for fluidity, Madden NFL 17 gives pride of place to contextual actions, as much in the racing game as in the plate-clad fight, without denying its elitist and tactical title. The game is also slower than other years, the players heavier, which gives us time to ask our game and think about our actions. But the taking of initiative remains nevertheless always fast and it will be necessary to repeat and again repeat its gestures to activate automatisms.
Nevertheless, a tutorial – all in English but very complete – will show the fundamentals to novices who want to tackle the franchise or those who want to revise the bases before resuming the season. A reminder not shameful as the field of action seems unlimited in this episode and the consequent margin of progression if invested fully. Do not hesitate to complete them and to learn next to the subtleties of this discipline to appreciate to its right extent the strategic dimension of the US football and the wealth of Madden.
A pleasure for the eyes?
Already recognized in the field of sports simulations, the work of EA on the plane of the visual retranscription will not lose its aura with this new vintage. And yet Madden 17 does not yet benefit from the illustrious graphic engine Frostbite, borrowed by his colleague FIFA 17. One can hardly imagine what would become of the NFL jousts with this opportunity as they are already overflowing with realism and passion . Compared to his predecessors, this episode is more technically accomplished, with the sweat pearling on the faces of the gladiators, the impact of loads on the jerseys, the appearance of banners “lol” in the stands, or deterioration Of the field over the minutes.

Everything was boosted with testosterone to immerse ourselves completely in the heart of our workforce and make Madden 17 ( even more spectacular. A real graphic slap to which the slowdowns on the key moments of the game are not foreign, with bullet-time of the most beautiful effect and a plan of cameras very relevant. But this sense of the show would not be enjoyable if it were not pushed by the extraordinary physics of the ball, incontestably the highlight of this series.

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